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The VTA Smart laser system : After many years of R & D now we can offer the latest generation of people counting systems based on laser technology. High accuracy, Intelligent, Simple installation, unintrusive.

The laser system are unlike camera, Laser works in complete darkness, It does not affect by shadows, variation in lighting, sunlight, spot light and so on and thus very reliable. Smart Laser system was design based on the latest TOF technology.

Application/Features VTA Smart CM3000-OHS

The Communicator/Data Logger monitor counting sensor, stores data from counting sensors, transfers it to a computer using cable. The memory holds up to 83/166/322 days of records. Data is safely stored semi permanently in non-volatile flash memory. A lithium battery maintains the systemعéÙ‚â•œéق╜╜s real-time clock (RTC) for more than 5 years in case of power loss. Data is available in CSV format, compatible with commonly used software such as Microsoft Excel, Access. Interface between POS and VTA traffic data are customizable.


vta-international.com Bi-directional count
vta-international.com Accurate
vta-international.com Insensitive to lighting level
vta-international.com Works in complete darkness
vta-international.com Insensitive to clutter and background
vta-international.com Downwards-looking people counter
vta-international.com Programmable sensing distance